Classic energy drink

T-Rex classic energy soft drink with a magical taste from Germany with a semi-natural Tutti Frutti flavor has become a favorite product of Iranian consumers. This magical taste is prepared from the combination of caffeine, taurine, maltodextrin and a complete group of B vitamins, which has turned it into a bomb of valuable B vitamins and given it the nickname B-BOMB.

Benefits and properties of classic energy drink

This energy source is very useful because of its large amounts of vitamin B, which causes:

Improving the process of energy production in cells
Improving the nervous system and concentration
Increasing the metabolic function of blood cells, which leads to an increase in the body’s immunity level
Helping the liver to work better on fats
Help in the formation of red blood cells
Using the magical T-Rex energizing combination, in addition to increasing energy and concentration, will bring unique excitement and pleasure to consumers.