About us

In line with the organization's mission and values, Darana Meher Company (Private Stock) was established as one of the sub-categories of Golrang Industrial Group with the aim of entering the beverage industry market and officially started its activities in July 2018.
In this regard, the first product of Olife brand entered the market in November 2018 at the production site in Doab region of Mazandaran province. Also, the drinking water production plant in Nubaran industrial town in Hamedan province started working in March 2018 due to having suitable benefits, including the amount of water suitable for the company's activities in the beverage industry.

Together for excitement

We believe that excitement is necessary for a good and attractive life and will make people move away from the monotony of everyday life. The right excitement gives a person a special mental and physical pleasure and is actually a healthy motivation
With the motto "Together for Excitement", Tyrex is trying to meet the needs of all segments of society with quality and desirable products by using the latest technology, so that we can experience more satisfaction and pleasure together.
Trex is a brand that wants its audience to taste the real excitement of experience and society, full of vitality and enthusiasm

The mission of the Trex

The values of the Trex brand are boldness, risk-taking, breaking the rules
What we promise is the production and supply of high-quality, innovative and competition-oriented products, behind which, while observing ethical principles in competition with other producers and importers, we will witness the all-round improvement and growth of the beverage industry.